Monday, March 14, 2011


PieLab is an endeavor that has taken root in Greensboro, Alabama, undertaking a commitment to build relationships and establish initiatives within the community. One of these initiatives is with the YouthBuild program, in which we assist students in starting a pecan product venture. Pecans! aims to give 16-24 year old high school drop-outs of Hale County, Alabama hands-on experience to learn how to start a business, manage it day-to-day, brand and market their product and ultimately, gain control of their future.

These local youth of Hale County live in a town where one in three children live under the poverty level and where industry has all closed to move to bigger cities. This leaves little employment opportunities for those who desire to stay.

Solution: Pecans! Pecans are one of Hale County's abundant natural resources. By teaching the students of the YouthBuild Program how to utilize a local resource into a profitable business, we are empowering them to seize an opportunity that even their small town affords.

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