Monday, March 14, 2011

Yeah, I Like To Cook ;)

Cooking has the power to bring individuals and communities together around fun, exciting ways to collaborate that provide opportunities to learn, share, eat, laugh, and gain leadership skills. RootDown LA in a nonprofit that goes into our local high schools and works with youth to develop knowledge and demand for heathy food while also cultivating leaders for the food revolution. Giving youth the power to choose what they eat and cook, leads to long term benefits for the individual, the community and the future of our food systems. The project is designed to inspire youth to cook together as a way to bond and develop healthy communities.

The south Los Angeles community is over saturated with fast food and local liquor stores with little to no fresh produce. Local youth (and adults) choose a bag of chips over an apple in most instances. The local supply chain stocks items that sell. Cheap, processed foods are marketed to the community on every corner.

ILocal design students will create inspiring billboards that can speak to their peers in a way that resonates. Our design students will learn to use the power of design to change behaviors and perceptions. The idea that cooking is a valuable tool to spread action based change is a guiding principle.

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